About Me
I grew up in a small paper mill town in the western mountains of Maine called Mexico.  That's right, Mexico Maine.  Every summer, my family would visit the Sebago Lake region enjoying the local campgrounds and everything the area has to offer.  Thus began my love for Naples, where I currently reside.  Graduating from the first class of Mountain Valley High in 1990, I found myself following in my dads footsteps as an electrician.  I still hold a current Maine Electricians license which I find extremely useful in the Real Estate industry.  Many home owners and potential home owners are scared to death of electricity, as they should be.  They may have questions about electrical systems in a home which I can help address, solve, or alleviate concerns.
  I joined the Real Estate industry about 7 years ago.  Although not the best time to jump into the business, Maggie Krainin put her faith in me and I have risen to be one of the area's top producers in just a few short years.  I have excelled in my education, gone through the ranks, and now hold a brokers license as well as the Energy Smart Specialist designation.  I love my job and I enjoy helping people with their real estate dreams, whether it's buying a home or selling and moving on to another aspect of their real estate goal.
  An avid snowmobiler, club member, and trail groomer for the Muddy River Sno Seekers, I enjoy donating my time to a wonderful group of snowmobile enthusiasts and helping to keep snowmobile trails in tip-top conditions for others to enjoy.  
  My summers tend to be consumed by work, work, and more work.  When I can, I love to spend time on the lake and enjoy Mother Nature.  I also enjoy large gatherings of friends and family.  An animal lover, my Siberian Huskies loved the 4 seasons that Maine offers.  Especially the brisk winter days.  
My family 2000
My Dogs
  Born Feb 1996
  RIP Feb 2011
 Born Feb 1996
 RIP Apr 2010